Ask Cedric Triolet : Which exercices would you recommend for 4 years old to make his canter more energetic? How to make his front leg technique better?

Hello Wiktoria !

I would recommend you to put 2 poles on the ground at 20m and passing them forcing your horse to do 5 strides each time, if the 5 are getting long , you need to keep the horse more forward until the 5 come easy, inside the line, poles on each side would also help to keep young horses straight and not going side way, that will make even easier for you to get the correct stride.

Plus the use of a dressage whip to reforce your legs will help too.
For the front leg there is several exercises who can help, like short gymnastics ( simples ones and specific for young horses) but when your horse will get a better balance thanks to the flat work, the half halts exercises and the impulsion, his front legs will get better anyway;)

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