Ask Cedric Triolet : how would you suggest boosting confidence in show jumping? Also, is there any tips on seeing distances better? Thanks!

Thank you! I will definitely try it! This will help, thank you!
Hi Ariana!

In my experience, the confidence come by itself when the training is proper and good enough to make you feel that your completly ready for the show, let's say your show is 1m, if on ur training your constantly doing well at 1.10 you will feel more than confident enough to go to the show. And, of course, the positive attitude and feedback of your coach will help even more, for distances I have a tips who is working pretty well with some riders : draw a line in the sand 1.1m in front of a 1m fence and instead of looking at the fence, focus on making your horse step on that mark with the front leg,
Try it and let me know how it went for you ;)

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