Ask @cedricshowjumping : What’s your advice for tensing up on fast horses? Instead of sitting back I sort of stand up a little? So any advice on that would be good.

Hello Devereux
I'm all for a light seat or rising canter for the hot horses, a strong seated will just make it worst, i dont like the forward position though, i mean shoulders should stay as straight as possible but with your weight on the hills and not on the saddle, a exemple i give to my riders is : imagine the saddle is a egg, u want to feel the egg under you but not breaking it with your weight, and the rising canter is another good option for the hot horses, try both and see the way who work better for you :) and lot of half halt with ur fingers, not strongly with your arms but constant with your fingers generaly help also with this kind of horses.
Let me know how it worked for you!
Im here for any other question you can have about your horse .
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