So I’m doing my first competition in two weeks. I’m jumping 70 cm and might do 80 cm. I’ll be doing dressage as well. Any tips on how to prepare for this and to not be as nervous?

If you know your dressage test (even if it’s being called) it will really help as you will have courses to remember as well. Take a deep breath and have fun! It’s your first one so you can just do the best you can do and even if you don’t do well it’s upwards from there and you have a bench mark for how far you’ve come in the future!
Practice!!!! Also when you go to the show bring EVERYTHING you could possibly need!!!!! It will be good to know that you won't need something that you don't have. Just breathe and everything will be okay!
Just practice and breathe just imagine it’s practice rather than a competition 😊
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