Ask Cedric Triolet: My big dream is to train horses from the basis to advanced jumping and be very good at jumping myself. How do I achieve that?

Hi Karina !

Well, as a trainer you need to take a lot of courses to help you to grow in knowledge and getting actualised, I would definitly recommand the coaching courses I'm giving for the FEI, they help so much to give you a good structure and good bases as a coach, if your country has his own system then to take coaching course thru your federation, more courses, more prepared, another great thing you could do is to go and ask a good famous coach to assist him for a while, you will learn a lot from it and for your riding, ride a lot of different horses to learn how to deal With different characters and problems, and again, having a good coach to guide you and give you the proper management of the training of you and your horses :)

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