Ask Cedric Triolet : My horse is very challenging for me and I feel I have lost all my confidence, any tips on building it back up before show season starts again?

Thank you so much, if the problem continues I will send a video
Ok Amelia.

Did you try different bits to make him less sensitive?
Before starting jumping again and having bad strides bc of lake of control, I would recommend you to do a lot of poles on the ground exercises, starting with some straight lines, then bending lines and finally full courses of poles on the ground until you manage to have the control, impulsion, and the correct contact of strides between each poles, the correct distance in it, you can work that every day of the week until you get confident again on your speed and strides , then you start it on jumps .

If you want you can send me a video at my email to check what your doing and what he is doing , that will give me a better idea and I can help you more then.

He is very sensitive to his mouth and my nerves and likes to suck behind my leg, with that being very uncomfortable and feeling like I have no control. When it gets to that stage he acts out with bucking, bolting and rearing. It happens durning courses now and has gotten worse the last few weeks. He is known for this behaviour, but has never acted out like this for more then a week with me. Just want some work to do so I can gain confidence and get in control again.
Hi Amelia!

That happen a lot and you can always rebuild your confidence with the proper method, tell me a bit more about the challenges your having to help you better with a couple of exercises .
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