Ask @cedricshowjumping : What issues do you mainly observe between trainers and their students, such as lack of communication for example? Does it usually change between country ?

Hi Melinda !

Actually in every country I see pretty much the same problems :)

Coachs even if they know what they want and they know how they want it, they don't know how to make the message pass, they don't know how to transfer what is normal and natural for them to a rider who dontt understand and don't have the same feeling as the coach, so that frustration to not get the message correctly to the rider, become a shouting to the rider , bad mood or giving up, and the second thing i see a lot is coach saying a lot : good, or not good , but not: good Because or not good because .. and this explaination following the good or not good is very important for the rider to understand what he did well or wrong.

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