I started riding a horse that is trained completely different from any other horse I’ve ridden. I’m having trouble with basics, but expected to do advanced. Tips?

@teresahfsilva That sounds like a great idea!
You just can't do advanced without the basics, maybe you can dedicate one ride to figure him out? Doesn't matter how long it takes, spend the whole afternoon if it's necessary
@classy.dom the horse isn’t the problem, it’s the training techniques she has been taught by. I do really well on horses trained one way, the way I was taught, but I am expected to do that good on a horse trained completely different. I’m not sure I can do that in such a short period of time like I’m supposed too.
Spend quality time get to know this horse and be working on him for hours when I got my new horse I was on him for 4 hours getting to know him.
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