Ask @cedricshowjumping : Do you find newer riders or more experienced riders easier to work with?

Just thought I should come back here to say Gerry Mullins has been retaken his position as the chairperson of the High Performance Senior Showjumping team :)
Not with Irish riders but with Irish trainer, i hv been trained as a rider and as a coach for coaches in the FEI by Gerry Mullins , ex olimpic team trainer for Ireland :)
Thanks for the reply! I've noticed in a lot of your answers that you mention US vs Europe, or specifically mention Holland or Germany etc. Have you worked with Irish riders before?
Hello Caoimhe!
New riders are easier to shape the way i want them to ride as i dont hv to make them work on changing something wrongly learned , but now at the level of riders im working with, experienced riders will progress faster following my system and show the result of it faster also :)
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