Ask @cedricshowjumping : Hello, I have a very very spooky and nervous mare. How would you deal with a horse like that?

u can do things to desensitize them. for example u can put a shopping bag on a stick and wave it around her head and her rear, you can get a tarp and walk het over it or put it on her back. If u havr a friend you can get a ball roll it under her and throw it over her, etc. whatever you do make sure to start slow. Also if u have trails or anything maybe try handwalking her through it a few times. hope this helps!
Desensitization is really helpful! You can also perform T-touch on your horse before riding, and try some relaxing essential oils. Another thing that really helps when you're riding is to slightly wiggle your fingers on your reins. This just helps keep the attention on you instead of whatever scares her. Hope this helps :)
Desensitizing training!
My gelding is exactly the same. I try and get him out and about to different things like cross-country training. I also started to do mounted games on him to desensitize him and it is working really well he is becoming a lot more nosy and isnt spookinh as much
Desensitizing can be a huge help. Watch some videos of Clinton Anderson’s “down under horsemanship”. He explains how to safely get horses used to spooky objects and situations and to get a horse attention on you, not the leaf blowing in the wind. He’s great! Good luck.
You could try hiring someone to do horsemanship with your mare. It basically desensitizes them from scary objects like long whips and other spooky objects.
Thanks, I am from Portugal! :)
No problem, im here for that dear Catarina , but im not too familiar with the diet for 21 years old horses, the food specialist here in Horsealot will be much more acurate than me for that :) , tu nombre suena latino, de donde eres?
Thank you so much!! And do you have any tips on how to keep an old horse fit? As I have a 21yo gelding that is still in full work.
Sorry if I am asking to much!
Hello Catarina!
Several things u can try, or all of them!
-manage a less energetic food , and more hay that pelet
- longe her 15 mnts before riding
- noise cancelation balls in her ears
- side blinders briddle
- natural relaxing products
- as long as u can keep her outside in the padock
- work twice a day
Spook and nerves can be drasticaly redused with all or some of those tricks
Let me know :)
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