Can you give me some lasting and durable boots? ( advices about Parlanti, Deniro?)

Mountain Horse or Ariats :)
Ariats are so so good 😊
Absolutely love my parlantis they broke in within a day. Although I have worn them every time I have rode for the past two years and they have not held up. Definitely the perfect boot for only showing in or if your willing to get a new pair in a couple of years
Wouldn’t recommend Deniro mine split at the back just above where your spurs go they are brushed black dressage boots, they gave me a second pair for free after a three month wait but they did the same after a month!
I would recommend Ariat and Parlanti. They both last well and look AMAZING!!
Ariats! I have had a pair for 4 years and not much has changed with them. I dont use them everyday, but regularly enough (three times a week) They last forever.
Hey raina I just purchased a pair of parlanti Ocala boots mid last season. I've found them amazing to look at and ride in, they're like a second skin! I would not use them around the yard everyday though as they will wear much quicker. I've experienced lots of different boot brand and I've quite a small leg so theyre definitely the best choice for me.
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