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Can someone list all the blankets you need for your horse? :)

Can someone list all the blankets you need for your horse? :)
I live in Vermont USA, the blankets I have for a clipped horse is a light weight, medium weight, heavy weight and a fleece blanket to use when layering. I also have a quarter sheet and a fly sheet.
It depends on the weather i guess
I live in Alaska so it definitely depends on where you live and what the climate is like but here are the blankets I use on my horses. Cooler, stable sheet, rain sheet (no fill), turnout blanket (200 gram fill) with neck and a 200 gram insolator to go in side my turnout when it below zero. I also recommend two turnout blankets and two rain sheets if your horse’s blankets are soaking wet or muddy when they come in just so you can rotate the blankets so they can fully dry after each use.
It really depends on the weather but I live in a climate that doesn't get below 30 and gets up to 125 so I don't know if I can be of much help😂 It's always warm where I am but I have a cooler, light weight turnout and light weight stable sheet
It depends on your horse and the climate you live in.
Hi , the main rugs u need is cooler rug , outdoor rug heavy and light and a stable rug
Hi Raina
This is what I use on my thoroughbred
Stable rug with neck
Stable rug without neck
Exercise sheet
Medium weight turn out (detachable neck for turnouts)
Heavy weight
Light weight
This is a lot of rugs I know but he is a thoroughbred 😅