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Question about buying a horse. Look in the coments 😃

Question about buying a horse. Look in the coments 😃
You’re welcome! I hope everything turns out great for you!
Thank you Abbie! I will do that!
Okay so I’m 14 and I just got the hang of looking for horses and stuff. I was in the second or third grade when my aunt bought me my first horse? What she did was took my skills (and me being so younge I didn’t have a lot lol), then she asked me like what kind of horse I wanted (also I’m very mature for my age and I always have been so I knew exactly what I wanted and what skills the horse had to have and everything), when we found a horse we were interested in we contacted the people and set up a meeting for us to see the horse and hopefully ride it too, I looked at about three horses until I found the one perfect for me, my aunt rode them all before I could just to make sure the horse wouldn’t go crazy, when I met my mare I knew from the minute we saw each other it was the perfect match, everyone could see it, me being so little I hardly knew anything but the mare would only listen to me and follow me. So I would suggest the steps we did. Seeing that u have found the horse u are in love with, contact the people and ask if u could meet her and ride her. Have someone come with u when u meet the mare and see what they say about her. It’s always good to have a second opinion. If u feel that u can take care of her for the rest or her life and u guys are meant for each other then definitely buy her. It sounds to me that u really like this horse and she is meant for u. Meet her see what u think and if u truly love her buy. Sorry this one was very long
I have enough money to have a horse. When did you start looking for horses And telling people your intreested in buying their horse. When you had all the money to buy the horse? Or before? I’m 5-6 months behind reaching my money goal. But I found a horse that fits me perfect. And I’m not sure If It’s too soon to say I’m intreested
It depends on weather or not I feel that u will be able to take care of him/her for the rest of there life. Sure u can have the money for 5 months but what happens when u don’t have money for month 6? Idk if u have land or are planning on boarding somewhere, but it is a lot easier to have your own place rather than board. If u don’t have land don’t worry about, but if u do I would strongly suggest using your own land Bc u will be saving a lot of money. At my aunts barn (which is where my horse stays) she has lots of pasture land and the horses can come in and out of the barn as they please. It’s very easy and nice since horses are naturally use to being outside 24/7. I’m just throwing ideas out for stalking for u. Ik my friends paid so much money just for where their horse stayed rather than food and stuff. Once they got there own place they saved so much money!