Anyone here that owns a P.R.E? I would love to get to know someone with the same love for the breed as me! And we could share advice 😃 I’ll write abit about myself in the coments

I’ll add you! :)
I got one by existent. I searched for an 13 year old, black or bay mare up to 1,70meter. And then there came this smal (1.60) 3year old grey stallion around. Love of the first sight...😍. He's quite a hand full and sometimes really not easy but we're going along since twelve years and I can't imagine a life without this very special horse. Even so I would never choose a horse for it's breed. I got pretty lucky with this one
My Instagram is kristinamyrtveit. As easy as that 😜
Yep but unfortunately as I am now doing GCSEs I don’t go on it but I’m on instagram ☺️
Do you have Snapchat? It would be fun to talk!
I do!
I have owned mine since he was four years old-now he’s 13 yo! I have done everything with him from pony club, working equitation and dressage, I now compete at adv medium with him-honestly the best first horse I could ever have! :))
• I’m 19 years old

• I live in Norway in the rainiest city Bergen

• I like to play around with natural horsemanship And I love to teach tricks

• I’m finally buying my dream horse this summer (A P.R.E ofc 😂)

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