Any tips for managing horses and studying? Feel like I’m not getting enough study done when at the horses but feel bad when I don’t go up for as long so I can study

Hi Jayde
As I have to study a lot at the moment I definitely understand where you are coming from! I made a schedule for me and my horses and it definitely helps with time management but I also found that before my schedule that taking a one day break from studying to spend more quality time helped my horses and it improved my grades as I wasent getting tired of studying!
Hope this helps
Try making a couple schedules and try them. Which ever one best suites you, roughly stick to it. Sometimes a schedule rather than a ball of activities scattered through out your brain can help to be more organized and productive.
I can so relate! I always feel I spend too much time with the horses and not enough working!
When exams get closer I plan to cut down the time I spend and the yard. ?
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