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My horse has a very rough/fast trot and I find it nearly impossible to keep my leg still (my heels are down but that doesn't seem to help) any ideas to help?

My horse has a very rough/fast trot and I find it nearly impossible to keep my leg still (my heels are down but that doesn't seem to help) any ideas to help?
Oh I didn’t mean me being a riding instructor btw
All people have their opinions. I have rode horses for a good while know and I have rode a multitude of different personalities and dispositions. She asked for our help and this is what I have found to help me. I ride English, weastern and bareback and not once has “stiffening up” helped me. Sorry if you are upset with my personal suggestion that both you and her can take or leave.
I’d be a bit wary getting a lesson from a lot of people on here saying they are riding instructors 🐸☕️
I ride English and with all my horses stiffening the movement helps slow them down if you want to disagree with a riding instructor go ahead be my guest 😊
Do you ride English or western
It’s slowing your movement, not stiffening. That implies becoming rigid which won’t help your horse move properly. Just think slow and tall with your body rather than stiff. Should not have any pressure applied from the knee as that won’t help your lower leg stay in position 😊
Actually on some horses stiffening your position helps slow the movement but there are some horses that run from it and also it’s not as much a gripping movement it’s more squeezing with the knee.
Ellie MacDonald: I agree 110%
Sorry but stiffening your position or gripping with your knee will not help you at all and I don’t know why people are saying that😶 If you stiffen it makes it a lot harder for your horse to relax! Keep your rise nice and slow, keep your legs very supple and squeeze with your lower leg around your horse :)
It’s strange but I have found if you put weight on the balls of your foot your leg goes into perfect position and it is steady
My mom had the same exact thing happen. She breed her twh to a qh and the colts trot was not gained and it was pretty rough.
Thank you everyone for the tips! I forgot to also say that my horse is a Tennessee walking/ quarter horse, he isn't really gaited like most twh though.
Hi Sarah
I would say slow your rising in the trot as some horses respond better to your seat, make you position a little stiffer and slow and lower your rising and also the comment that other people would complement this as well!
Hope this helps
My horse is exactly the same. I try squeezing with my knees more so that my lower leg will stay in place better. I also use half halts to steady his pace as he rushes and i listen to quite slow music; this has all worked for me.
I would try to grip more with your calf. If that doesn't help I would try some leg strengthening exercises.
Try gripping more with your calf!😊
I find really tensing my muscles and focusing really hard helps me but it takes time to build enough muscles to keep yourself steady good luck!
The really rough and uncomfortable trot can be related to pain but I’d that doesn’t seem to be the issue than maybe try some leg strengthening workouts, such as squats or walking/running up hill. Good luck