ASK Ravene: my 22 year old mare coughs when she gets excited and she colics easy with her sensitive stomach. Any suggestions to help ease both problems? Thank you!

Thank you
Hello Sara,

Concerning the cough of your mare, in our range of specific cares, you will find OXXYGEN, which is made of plants such as eucalyptus, liquorice,...It contributes to the proper functioning of your horse’s respiratory organs. It stimulates the immunity system and prepares to the sneezing and cold spells.
Oxygen is perfect for cold weather or a dusty environment. Its liquid formula is convenient to giving it in the ration. You can also take it away with you during trips and give it with a syringe.

We advice 15 ml every morning and night for 8 days, and the product can be used all year long. Maybe this supplement could help your mare !

Concerning your mare’s colics, I advice you to discuss it with your veterinarian. Maybe there are some changes to do with her alimentation or lifestyle.

See you soon !
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