How long does it take a horse to stop getting scared of a jump?

Hi Haley, I think more you jump and more you practice Quicker and better it will be, just start slow and build it up slowly ~ Caitlin
Hi Haley
I find if you don’t put the practice in it can take a very long time but with one of mine I practiced a lot with her and it only took a couple months but it does take time and commitment and confidence!
Hope this helps
It’s takes time, especially if it’s a young one:)
Your horse will only improve in its own time you can’t except your horse to do things in a set time
Start on small, then start going bigger when you feel you and your horse are able to
It’s really all experience. If the horse seems to be scared of cross rales, than start small and build on that, but only move on when you know you could do it in your sleep. Make sure the confidence levels are high, as well as trust. Do basic trust drills to sauté the horse your not leading him into danger as well. Good luck! Keep us updated.
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