I have a problem with my hands always being low on the horse's neck. Any tips on how to fix that habit?

Hey Sharon!! Something that works is carrying a crop of wearing wrist guards! Also overexcaugerate it at first and then you can move them down a bit! Also just practicing helps!!
Hope this helps!:))
Take up the reins as normal keeping your thumbs on top and hold a whip between your thumb and rein with both hands. Super for keeping them level and keeping your thumbs up
Do you know these plastic campaign glasses? Take two of those filled with water in your hands while riding. When you don't wanna spill the water you do have to keep your hands still and a little above the horse.
Hope this helps... I
You can try putting a hair tie in your horses mane and keep you hands at that spot
My trainer always said to paint your nails and if you can’t see you pretty nails when you look down, your not holding the reins right😂
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