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What are ulcers in horses and how do you treat them?

What are ulcers in horses and how do you treat them?
Sharon, I have a sport horse in Germany that is sensitive to getting these. We started adding a Chinease Herb mix called “Stomach Happy” to his feed. This has avoided any more need for Ulcerguard.
Go ask your vet to be sure it is nit any thing els
Ulcers are sores inside the horses stomach. they can get these from stress, wind sucking, anxiety etc. To treat them you have to buy pastes from your local horse store such as horse land (australian). if symptoms persist, speak to your vet about dosage and the strength you need of paste. hope that helps
Soreness in the horses under stomach
Contact ur vet.
Ulcers are an injury to the lining of the stomach/intestines caused by acid splash- the best way to prevent ulcers is constant free-choice forage in a haynet with a flake or two of alfalfa (the calcium helps buffers the acid) per day. It's also a good idea to use ulcergard or something similar if your horse is going to be traveling and/or showing for an extended period.
A good way to also help prevent ulcers is to feed the horse just a small hand full of chaff before exercise to line the stomach and stop the acid splashing up 😊
Ulcers are leagons in the horses stomach lining, they mostly happen in jumping horses since the acid in their stomach swish’s around and onto the part of the stomach with less of a protective lining. I used omeprizal on my mare and it worked wonders. Also you can use Tums and give your horse 3 before you ride to help settle everything for a quick fix.
I feed a herbal remedy to my boy that gets to work in just 48h and is great! It smells like curry aha I can't remember the name of the top of my head but it really works and horses eat it easily
Stomach ulcers are injuries of the gastric mucosa which occur by increased gastric acid produced in the stomach of the horse
My friends horse has being off work for 3 months, he has being treated for the past three months with pepticol and ha seeing kept in a strict routine with at least two haynets at night
contact a vet
Ulcers are sores on the horses insides caused by burns from the stomach acid, they can start forming in as little as 2 hours if the horse hasn’t eaten. Hay or feed acts as a buffer for the lining of the stomach/intestines to protect from the stomach acid
They're like human ulcers that you get although on a bigger scale and are graded. You can use supplements that can help prevent them but the most popular way is proper treatment to be treated. My mare was diagnosed with graded 3/4 ulcers which are at the top end. She was on a paste that was squeezed into her mouth and on some tablets.
Ulcer guard which is like a tube you squeeze in their mouth and it is bumps that are painful in a horses stomach