@cedricshowjumping What advice you have for bringing along a young horse? Horse is coming 5 years old. What would be your weekly routine for a young horse?

Yes Vashti, i will hv 2 clinics in June and 1 in July in Ontario this year :)
@cedricshowjumping thank you for the detailed response! I could not agree more about asking a young horse to do something that will break their confidence.

Will you be doing any clinics in Ontario, Canada this year?
Most important thing with young horses for me is never asking them to do something too complicated , something they are not ready for and breaking their confidence or heart
Hello Vashti!
The routine for 4-5 years old i do is :

Day 1 longe morning , flat work afternoon (half hlat- transitions )

Day 2 longe morning simple line poles on the ground afternoon

Day 3 walker or paddock morning and flat afternoon ( response to leg with simple lateral movements)

Day 4 longe or paddock morning ,simple jumps afternoon

Day 5 paddock morning , flat afternoon ( mixed of 2 first flat works)

Day 6 walker or paddock morning and small easy course or gymnastic in the afternoon
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