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What is the best breed for hunter jumpers?

What is the best breed for hunter jumpers?
Hey Avery!
I think that for hunters Warmbloods and Hanoverians are great for hunters and Equitation! They are great movers and very fun!

For Jumpers, Thoroughbreds are great, fast and everything like that! I think off the tracks are very good and some warmbloods can work too!

Hope this helps!!
You see many Warmbloods in the hunter and jumper rings. They are nice rides, most have good movements and generally uncomplicated. However, they are not as forgiving as other breeds. They have been called Dumb Bloods for a reason.

Thoroughbreds are very versatile and can do most careers off the track. Some have great movement and the body substance of a warmblood. They are athletic and do take more training hours than other breeds. Once you get that amount of training needed they can be a fabulous partner in the show ring. I love the work ethic of a thoroughbred.

I have seen some draft crosses that are only 1/8 or 1/4 draft that have competed successfully in both the hunters and jumpers. Draft crosses have great minds and very forgiving but can be dead to the leg.

It all comes down to how the horse not necessarily the breed and what you want to do with them. Strictly hunters or jumpers? Or a horse who can cross divisions?

For hunters I want to see a forward relaxed walk, floaty flat kneed movement at the trot, easy relaxed canter with a nice sized stride, not too big not too small. Knees together over a fence but not up and super tight.

For a jumper I want to see a forward walk, forward trot knee action is fine and almost preferred, climbing uphill canter. Knees up and tight over a fence and careful hind end.

Just my personal opinion.
I agree with Sarah Fel, Thouroughbreds and Warmbloods do well in the ring. I have especially high praise for Dutch Warmbloods. But I have also found that, for jumpers, breed doesn’t necessarily matter as much as finding a horse with some fire that loves to jump!
thank you
Ottbs and warm bloods are probably the best suited