My horse keeps bucking whenever I ask for a canter, and only for a canter, do you think there is something wrong or is it just a baby habit that will just need riding through??

The back woman said that he was very stiff but that was in the autumn when we had her out, and she did an ultrasound on him and after tha he was loads better. He has currently been wintering out and has been on feed and not much work, and I’m starting to bring him back into work and he has never bucked the much. He used to do little ones when I used to ask for a canter, but now there all the time, all of his tack fits.

Not too sure wether it’s just because he’s on feed and not much work, but he only has a bit of chaff as he can basically live off fresh air.
He’s 6 and hasent been broken in for that long ( about half a year) , he was a driving pony and we have had his teeth and back done xx
How old is he? Have you checked your tack(saddle,girth,halfpad..etc)?
I would recommend checking all the bases to make sure it isn’t pain induced, but it always could just be a little quirkiness. My horse is eleven and still bucks when picking up the canter out of excitement! If it isn’t dangerous, pain induced, or malicious, find peace with it. My trainer always says the best jumpers are a bit quirky!
I’d be on the safe side and get his back checked by a physio and Mabey check saddle .. if all that is good ride through it, ignore bad behaviour and award good behaviour!
It will help if you can lunge him and see if he does it on the lunge line as it may tell you more of whether it’s a behavioural or pain thing as you have more of a visual of him when you ask him to canter
How old is your horse
I would go with the safe side and check. If there is something really wrong than you should fix it. If theres nothing than just ride through it.
I would get his backed checked by a Physio who could also watch you ride, as it could be saddle problems but then it maybe as well just be excitement/cheeky
My old lease mare would have days like this sometimes, and with her less is more, so i would just ask her to keep going and canter lightly and let her get past her little fit and then she’d be fine
The horse I am riding does that too. Pick their head up and sit back. Let them trot a few steps and ask again
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