What are some good ways/good things to do to help your horse lose weight?( withought giving certain supplements)

Lots of trotting and change they’re diet.
An custom diet and a good traingplan will help your horse to lose weight. Ask your vet and trainer to help you. On nearly every website for horse feed can you also get informations which feed suits your horse best. The guys from the Kentucky equine research center do an analysis of what your horse needs for free.
Hope this helps...
If there is trails by you or ride them more but give them a days break.
Change the diet to one with a lower digestible energy percentage and exercise. Don’t cut off feed completely as their body will go into starvation mode and don’t end up losing weight. Lots of low energy low sugar hay is the best option without any grain or too much fresh grass
To be honest if your horse is really heavily over weight I would be in cloying to gradually cut out hard feed and just feed her haylage 3 times a day .. hope this helps :)
Sorry didn’t mean to post just that! Here’s the rest:
Same thing with hay. You should exercise them as much as possible too
Change your horses diet so they have enough grain to fulfill their needs but not any extra for them to gain weight. Same thing
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