Is there such a thing as a strong hackamore? Was wondering if it was similar to bits?

Hackamores are the strongest bitless bridle you can go for. Anyone riding in them must be an advanced rider with good hands.
Also I’m in Australia and hackamores might be a bit different over here haha
A strong hackamore opposed to a regular one to me would be the strong one not having a chain cover so when pressure is applied on the reins they will feel the chain rather then just a piece of leather. Sorry if that didn’t make sense
Hi Jayde
As said anything can be strong in the wrong hands but it depends what your horse responds to more if he/she responds better to poll, nose, chin pressure better that lips, bars roof of mouth plus the others mentioned then hacksmores would be maybe a better option but personally I think hackamores are just as bad as boys as the pressure is not taken of unlike a bit if it’s too painful the horse can open it’s mouth if it does t have a flash so yes hackamores can be similar to bits.
Hope this helps
anything can be strong or harsh in the wrong hands
oh definitely
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