I have a really difficult mare, she’s very Marey at times and she isn’t nasty but she’s kicks and shakes her head at the stable door is there. Anything I can do to help this habit?

I use Omega Alpha PreMare and it does wonders for my mare.

Is she bored in her stall?
Is she in pain?
Is she in a regular training program 4-6 days a week? Could be boredom or frustration if she isn't getting out of her stall.
Is her turnout limited?
Does she do this at another horse beside her?
Does she do this at you and barn staff?
Is there a specific time of day she acts this way? Feeding time? Doesn't have enough hay? Barn is busy with riders? Turn in/out?

If the answer is "No" to all of those questions, I would consult a vet.
shes fine undersaddle, yet we’ve tried moody mare Angus cactus and a few others even put her on regumate but she was one of the 5% of mares that it won’t work on
How is she undersaddle? Have you thought about a horomonal supplement?
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