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Would you say its ok for a horse to go barefoot if they have perfect feet even if they're jumping?

Would you say its ok for a horse to go barefoot if they have perfect feet even if they're jumping?
Btw 110 cm is 3’6 I think? 🤔😁
I jump my horse barefoot. I ride competitions in the 110 cm about every week. He’s 6 now and doesn’t know any better. Never had any problems, but I never jump on grass though because it’s all sand here.
A lot of people will follow suit and say ‘ I won’t go barefoot because it will make my horse lame’ yes in transitioning process your horse will be footy however this is easily avoided by buying boots whilst your horse is getting used to feeling in their feet, this is because how shoes work is by stopping the blood circulation therefore hiding any issues like lame etc , and if you think about it is putting metal on live tissue a good idea? Like I said before I’m not trying to offend anyone!
It’s a matter of opinion and each to their own however there is Scientific studies showing barefoot benefits the horse! I’m currently in training as a apex barefoot trimmer and have a barefoot farm and each of the horses either event , hunt or jump etc , so the idea you will be limited by transitioning is wrong!! I’ve mock hunted some of my horses and each are barefoot! I highly recommend it no matter the Discipline. I’m not saying people are Wrong in not going barefoot but the majority will be against barefoot due to lack of knowledge. ROAD WORK IS THE BEST FOR BAREFOOT! Seriously I cannot stress how important it is to condition the feet!!
Of course! As long as your not doing much roadwork !
My horse has never been shod and he does everything. It’ll be best to talk to your farrier though but if your horse is OK with it then it’s a brilliant idea
Yes! As long as your horse is happy and has no soundness issues without them then go ahead, although you might want them if you jump on grass because you need shoes to put in corks/studs
Personally, i think it all depends on the horse because some horses are lame without shoes while some are perfectly fine without shoes, try talking to your farier about it, they might have a good imput
Yh go for it, if I could jump and ride my mare without shoes I definitely would! But her feet are terrible, there’s no harm in it but if your going to competitions and the ground isn’t the best maybe just front shoes so you can add studs for extra grip.
My horse has never been shod and we have never had any issues including with jumping :)
Hi Sharon
My horses are the exact same perfect feet and they are jumping around 2’6 to 3’3 and I have no issues whatsoever with hooves
Hope this helps
I do like having shoes on when I jump, of course you can go barefoot but incase they do have a slipup to just have some support. I suggest shoes (I know its expensive) but (studs for cross country) and some platinum shoes are the best for jumping. I am slightly against barefoot jumping, of course anything over 2’ needs shoes