What kind of treat do you give to your horse? What is the best treat brand for you?

My horse loves Likit treats, they are amazing! And also healthier as my horse gets fat very fast even without treats, these are great for him!
I just give my horse carrots and apples. I also make homemade treats. My horse loves them and they are still healthy.
I make homemade treats because it is VERY cheap and fun to make, but I don’t have a fav. Treat brand...maybe smartpack?
I give my horse Snaks 5th Aven Chee after lessons or shows. Just little treats to tell them I love them are the sugar free peppermint b
I love love LOVE Foxy Kitchen Treats! They are really cute and even my picky ottb loves them!
I usually give my horse polo mints before and after a lesson. Before because sometimes when I come into her stall with her bridal she turns her ass to me so without having to confront her I let her come to me when I take them out, some people say that it’s teaching her to do that more so and I can kind of see why but if I don’t have a head collar on me I do this. (She’ll let me catch her with a head collar but not a bridal) I reward her after a lesson too, but the basic apples and carrots are good too once their sweet !
I give my horse manna pro bite sized nuggets. My horse loves them. I also make my own. There are some great recipes on YouTube to try out if your into that kind of thing!
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