I’m having trouble with my jump position still. Sometimes when I go over the jump I don’t go into jump position or if I do I lose balance. Any tips?

-My phone is being weird and posted too early but to continue what I was saying when you get good at gymnastics start doing it with your hands out to the sides and without stirrups to help balance. I personally would make sure you always have a professional watching and coaching so you don't pick up bad habits. Also do some plank at home to get your core stronger to help you stay balanced so you don't come down too early or fall to far forward. Good luck with everything:)
Hi Lauren! I would suggest working on your jumping position while flating and over poles. That will help you gain strength in order to hold your position when you go back to actually jumping. Once you are able to hold it for several laps at walk, trot, and canter as well as over poles then start doing some gymnastics to start getting a feel for it all and to help with strength and balance. When you get good at t
Think about surfing or skiing...
Walk/trot and canter in two point, focus on keeping your heels down and your core strong, also try it all without stirrups to build up balance.... When you're about to jump the jump grab onto his/her mane or get one of those neck straps that you can grab when you're going over
Try shortening your stirrups, and riding standing in your stirrups, it worked for me
Try posting canter, sitting before jumps, make sure your 2Point on the flat is secure
Practice jumping without stirrups and grid work! If you can do grid work without stirrups that’s very helpful to. 😊
@cedricshowjumping i’ll Give that a go. Thankyou
@caoimhesweeney my light seat is good enough but there is room for improvement, thanks for the advise i’ll Practice that more
How's your jumping position when on the flat? How's your light seat? It might be worth practicing these to build strength and balance in the position without going over jumps yet.
Hi Lauren, just attach a stirrups leather around the neck of ur horse and grab it when u jump that will help u to do and keep the jumping position
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