How much pressure do you guys put on your horses when you are riding them ?

Haley it completely depends on the horse and the goal and what you want to achieve with the horse xx
Depends on your horse. When I’m just doing flat rides I tend to use more leg to keep him going forward, balanced, and I try to keep at a consistent pace. When jumping, he gets very hot and excited so I don’t use a lot of leg.
So much pressure that he's on the ground flat like a pizza ^^ (not horse hasn't been ridden for half a year due to an injury of me and I'm just taking him for a walk in the woods once a week ^^)
Not a lot
Hi Haley I have my horses on the walker every morning at 6:30 for 30 minuets and there rode every second day and then before a event give them the day leading up to it off
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