I’m a 1st time horse owner. Had this mare for about 3 months now & every time I see her she walks away from me; doesn’t have much of a personality either. Am I doing something wrong?

Just randomly go give her a treat but wait for her to come to you. It works with my horses
Parelli, do plenty of ground work and u will click with her.
Because your new to each other you should spend time bonding !! Great things to try are grooming for a longer time. As horses enjoy it and creates a bond.
You’re doing nothing wrong, don’t worry! some mates are very unaffectionate especially at first and she may associate you with being ridden. I had this problem at first, just try and spend more time with her, grooming her, grazing and over time it will create a bond!
@mollyzygmont thank you everyone for answering my question!! I felt so horrible and sad and wasn’t sure what to think or do. I definitely feel a little better now and will just continue to do more groundwork and grooming time and hope that as time goes by she will open up to me!
Thank you! I will do my best! @mollyzygmont
@ciaramunn yes!! I groom her every time I’m out there (that’s why she isn’t so dusty lol 🙄😂) and she doesn’t seem to care lol she doesn’t even have an “itchy” spot or a “that feels so nice” spot 😂😂😭 it’s so weird all the horses I’ve known had some personality and had a spot like that and she’s just completely the opposite! Lol
@ponyjumper1234 thanks :) yeah I ride every time I’m out there which is why i feel like she hates me lol 😭 i do give her treats as well but she’s also extremely picky so far i haven’t found anything she really likes ugh!! Lol
Hi Allie
Don’t worry your doing Nothing wrong! Just try spending more time with her doing groundwork and try riding as much as you can as this will create a bond between you and her!
Hope this helps
My mare only occasionally likes affection, otherwise she trys avoiding me becauses shes not affectionate and her personalities pretty average. Every horse is different
Some horses just aren't affectionate at all, especially mares. She might also associate seeing you with being ridden. What I would try to do is spend more time bonding e.g. Grooming and handling.
No your doing everything right! Some horses just don’t want cuddles or attention at all, I have a horse like that
Hey Allie! It is not your fault. You are not doing anything wrong you just need bonding time. Try using treats and doing ground work! Also ride as much as you can!
Hope this helps!!
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