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Any thoughts on stubben saddles?

Any thoughts on stubben saddles?
Really good for Jumpers
Thanks guys, for all the answers. I have a really old stubben saddle that fits well. Most don’t fit because I’m tall so it’s nice. but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest in a new one for showing. Seems like I should consider it.
They are a GREAT saddle brand I definitely recommend. They are not on the very affordable side but if you can afford it and want a good quality show saddle it's great!
I always wanted a Sübben saddle but they dosen't fit my horse. But I ride a lot of horses which do have one and I love them. Especially the Stübben zaria optimum monoflap with the biomex seat, it'is my favorite.
I use a stubben model 30 years ago ... it's great! despite the wear remains very comfortable :)
Amazing saddles last ages