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What do you guys think about Kask helmets?

What do you guys think about Kask helmets?
I have a helmet Kask and after owning Samshield, GPA etc.. its by far the most comfortable helmet I ever had!
I prefer the look of samsheild and gpa speed air/first lady but i think the kasks are perfectly good helmets and I have seen a lot of jumpers in them recently and they all love them so I think it all comes down to preference:)
I have several friends that love theirs but I prefer samshield and Charles Owen
I am not oval, so no Charles Owen for me. But I am not round either, Kask is comfortable, and good looking as well.
I recommend samshields, they are amazing
Hey Antonia! I don’t mind them, I personally prefer Samshields, they keep you safe but I have many friends who enjoy the Kasks!
I have never worn one. I use the Charles Owen JR8 for showing and a OneK defender (I’m pretty sure 😂) for schooling.
They are really great helmets I love mine but they are very expensive
They are really nice but fancy ones are too expensive thats why I still use Samshield