My mare stopped 2 months with an injury (cut near the joint). Now it's ok and I will start to recover their physical condition. Suggestions for exercises or training plan ?

Ice boots!
Walk her for like 30 minutes, then do light trot work. Don’t forget to stretch her and yourself as she hasn’t worked for 2 months
Probably the best thing to do is to start with a soft ground work and than start slowly the under saddle work... just do the things step by step, no hurry :)
I would start with some basic ground work for maybe a week and then 20 minute walks under saddle every day for a week, start small trot work and gradually build up. The slower the better and keep a close eye on the injury the whole time :) good luck
Ya that’s the way to do it. Slow and easy. To much pressure will just make an injury worse. Good luck with her!
Hi Abigail. Thanks for the answer.
A lot of short walks out in hand, start at 5 mins then gradually increase it, then do a lot of light lunging work at walk and gradually move up the paces
Hi Sara, Thanks for the answer. Yesterday she did guide work (just walk and trot) to gain the structural balance and move a little. This week will be like this and in the middle of next week I introduce the gallop. Step by step.
It’s probably a good idea to only do ground work, like lunging and leading for a week or two, just to get her back into the swing of things. refreshers are always a good this to do after a long resting period.
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