Has anyone used horse ear plugs and do they work?

In response to @abbie T on this thread, Ear bonnets can provide a sound muffling effect, if they are specially made as noise canceling ones. Unless you buy the noise canceling bonnets, the ear bonnet will only serve to protect from bugs, look fashionable, and hold the forelock back. Hope this helps! 💕
I haven’t but I use ear bonnets and they tend to work
Use them all the time! And yes they work
Yes. Heavy recommend. Just don’t forget to remove them!
Yes!!! Pomms is the brand I use.
I use to spunges, and thats much better then «horse ear plugs»
I ride whit the spunges every day:)
Yes, they will stay cool in their head and focus more on work.
I rode my mare with cotton wool in the her ears and a fly veil over the top in the London parade, just to take some edge off. And they worked fantastic.
I find they work really well with thorough red type horses that are over stimulated at shows. I prefer Pomms which look like little styrofoam golf balls. I have not had much luck with others staying in ears.
I personally have used them in the past and they made no difference what so ever and my horse spooked every time I tried using them so I personally would not use them.
Yeah it works a treat ! Iv used like fluffy Pom Poms before and they work really well ! X
They are really helpful but my horse had a really hard time taking them of. So we can’t use them anymore.
Thank you guys so much will try your suggestions out!
All the time. My OTTB cant ride with out then they are a life saver
I like silent earbonnets best.
Yes! They are fantastic, I use them all the time in competition it made my mare really focused.
They do work! Just be careful your horse doesnt get sour about taking them in and out
They’re brilliant! We’ve got a really spooky horse that has them and the difference between her with them in and without is phenomenal
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