Do you guys prefer tall or short horses. I’ve ridden horses from 14hh to 18hh. Just wondering on personal preferences x

I prefer riding horses that range from a height of 12-14hh. I’m short, only 4’8” so I find myself more comfortable and better able to work with ponies
I prefer tall, otherwise my feet practically drag on the ground 😂
Tall and big bodied are 😍😍👌🏻 For me!!
Taller definitely. I love riding horses and bigger horses are even more fun for me! Ponies are cute and I still like them but for riding constantly definately a big horse.
I like shorter horses with a big stride! They tend to have lots of fire
I like horses but I love ponies too!
I love ponies, and their cheeky personalities and thankfully I'm light enough to do basic work with them, but I'm also nearly 6ft so taller horses suit me better.
Tall all the way!! ( but it is fun to ride pony’s too)
Hi Anne
As I have ridden more shorter horses I do prefer them but it’s nice to switch it up and ride talkers ones every couple rides!
I prefer taller horses
I prefer taller horses just cause of my height
Shorter of course!! I am not very tall, and with short horses I have more control
I like taller because of my style of riding. I want a horse that capable, but not intimidating
Taller the better! I have really long legs so 17+ is perfect for me
Personally I like short horses in the ranges from 14-15.3 hands because I am shorter
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