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Any tips on how to get a horse to stop chewing wood?

Any tips on how to get a horse to stop chewing wood?
If you rub soap on the wood it will discourage them for chewing it.
You can get horrible tasting paint that will discourage them from chewing
My horse is a big cribber. What words for me is using Tabasco sauce on here he cribs.
It’s crib biting and your horse maybe stressed or anxious about something. These are long term habits but can be resolved with help. Try to figure out when he does it. And wether ita because he’s around other horses
Bare in mind, if it's not boredom or cribbing, it could be a diet deficiency, especially if he's trying to actually ingest the wood.
Thanks guys for the tips! I’ve tried a cribbing collar and he still chews the wood. I will try these suggestions and see what one works the best! Thanks!!
Just troun them out as much as possible and make sure they have hay as much as they want that and good company will make sure they are to busy bitting anything else.
also get them salt licks or mineral licks to keep them busy
Most horses get bored in the winter and chew anything they can , . Just put anti crib bit cream on the areas , the cream lasts a year or so.
Or mix vasaline with ground chilly flakes , it works for mine .
If it’s a stall thing your horse may be bored try getting like a lick it to keep them busy/ entertained
There's a paste you can spread onto wood to stop chewing. Is he crib biting or actually trying to eat the wood?
Get a cribbing collar. Also I think there is something you can spray on wood to make it taste bad