People are telling me my stirrups are too short, but I ride much better with them like that. Should I keep them short ?

Thanks for he help. I don’t ride with no stirrups unless I am cooling out my horse, because last time I rode completely with no stirrups I fell off a fractured my pelvis. Thanks a lot for the info.
I have the same problem. You just need to slowly practice at maybe lowering them a hole each time you ride? Bareback also helps to get your legs long
General rule of thumb is to ride with a longer stirrup on the flat and put the stirrup up a hole for every foot added to a jump (ex, 3'0 jump, stirrups up 3 holes from your flatting length)
It's all practice. Maybe do a few lessons or riding sessions with super long stirrups so when you put your stirrups to "normal" length, it doesn't feel too long. Do you ride stirrupless or bareback?
It effects the way I ride. I just don’t ride as well with long stirrups.
I think it's a good idea to challenge what you're comfortable with every so often. If people are commenting, is there a chance it's affecting your position?
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