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Do you have tips to do better transitions trot-canter when a horse trot really fast before taking the canter ?

Do you have tips to do better transitions trot-canter when a horse trot really fast before taking the canter ?
Contain him in the front. Don’t let the energy go out the front end . Half halts before u go into canter.
make sure she has her haunches in and shoulders out and doesn’t over bend. keep her head straight and if she doesn’t go right away, bring her back to a walk or steady trot and tap her behind your outside leg with a stick, then ask. vocal commands can also help: clucking, growling, “canter on!!!”
Do half halts and sit deep in the saddle.
Don’t trot for like 5 strides and the canter. As they will get that your asking for canter when u trot short. So trot for a longer while. Maybe half a lap and then you can maintain a even trot. Then ask for canter. This helps for a smooth transition
Half halt before the transition it will tell her you are still there and you want to keep going forward, but you need to recollect contact. Hope this helps 🌹^
I am suggesting try half halting before you make the transition from trot to canter, so you can recollect the contact and make sure your horse is listening and not just thinking GO GO GO!! If you do a half half before
Try lunging. Ok it’s not undersaddle but if she learns you are the true boss mare on the ground and really make her feet move, she will be more attentive when riding.
I think it’s important to not let’s her get away with that. I would advise trying walk to canter too, ask for canter, make sure your aids are correct. Squeeze first and if she doesn’t respond, use the stick behind the saddle, then allow her to go forward. She needs to respect your leg. If she starts speed trotting don’t just kicking because it will be an awful transition which will lead to a very poor canter. Bring her back to a slow steady trot, make sure she’s going forward from your leg into your hand, practice lots of trot walk and halt transitions to get her listening. Use the crop as back up for your leg if she doesn’t listen. Make sure you’re sitting up in the canter transition so you’re allowing her to lift up in front. Try asking for canter in the corners or over poles etc. Keep her listening and interested. Good luck answering I hope that’s of some help! :)
I think you should get spurs and try and do it from the walk in the same place and if she doesn’t give her a smack with the crop or squeeze her with your spurs
I've tried a crop and a dressage whip with her and it still doesn't work very well. I am considering spurs, but I want the transition to be natural without so many artificial aids. My mare is very lazy so please keep that in mind. Thanks in advance!