How do I keep my grey horse clean year round (techniques, products to get out manure stains/mud) ?

The best is to bath them regularly but I don’t know where you live so i dont know if that is an option for you year round, it isn’t for me since I am from Canada. I use greenspot remover with a towel to get most of it out. If I am in a time crunch at shows I use baby wipes to clean the best I can and then if that doesn’t work I cover it up with baby powder and pat it on to the stain (I typically use this on legs, for my hunters) and other then that purple shampoo does wonders for bathing!
Thank you to everyone who answered!
Magic brushes are amazing
Baby wipes!
Magic brushes are super cheap and basically work like Magic
I used human shampoo that helped to achieve silver hair, it’s purple
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