Does weather have an impact on the horse's mental ? For example, did you ever noticed they were more willing to go for a ride when it was sunny ?

I totally think that the horses behaviour depends on the weather! My horse is always so fresh in the winter and super relaxed in the summer. I find that the more you work then the more adaptable they become and don’t usually change too much when it comes to seasons changing!
For mine is the contrary, when it’s cold and windy my horse gets very active and often spooks at everything 🙄 when it’s hot he’s of course more exhausted and lazy
Hi Amy
Emmy horses definitely respond to weather when it is sunny and cold my horse becomes more active and loves to throw in some big bucks but when it’s more rainy weather he becomes a lot more lazy!
My horse hates rain, been out today in a gale and rain. All she did was rush back home
Yes! In the coldest seasons the horses usially have more energy!
Yes in the colder months my horse is wild but when it is sunny my horse is perfect.
Yeah I found my horse goes a lot more forward
Yes I think it definitely does. In colder months the horses might not want to go as much, and then on one warmer winter day they are all great!
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