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What are the benefits of a cold shower on the horse's limbs (below the knee) after a workout?

What are the benefits of a cold shower on the horse's limbs (below the knee) after a workout?
Reduces swelling and sorness
prevent inflammation and relaxes muscles and ligaments
Reduce swelling
It helps prevent inflammation, and increases circulation.
The cold water helps to prevent inflammation and swelling after exercise
It helps reduce swelling and cools/relaxes the muscles and ligaments/ tendons
Reduce swelling
Cools down the tendons, helps prevent problems. Same reason you polo when it’s cold
Great way to cool down loosen up the joints
Prevents swelling and is a great way to cool down and relax there tendons, especially after a long intense work out
It cools down their tendents and relaxes them.
Prevents swelling, and lameness.
Cooling the tendons and ligaments after vigorous work out reduces the possibility of swelling. A god walk after will help promote circulation in their legs too
Helps them cool down and it’s also great for their blood circulation if you walk them for a little after showering off. Also if there is any swelling it helps reduce swelling.
It is like icing a body part after working out! It reduces swelling and helps to decrease the chance of soreness.
When the horse is excersised the tendons expand with the heat and when you hose them down its helps bring them back to normal 😊
It returns the tendons to a cooler temperature faster, and reduces the chance that injury or if an injury occurred, lessens the impact
Thank you Lisanne
It helps to make sure the quite sensitive tendons of your horse don’t get overheated. A lot of injures happen to the tendons specifically, so a cold shower is always beneficial to prevent this. Especially on hot days this is important 😊