What are the benefits of a cold shower on the horse's limbs (below the knee) after a workout?

Great way to cool down loosen up the joints
Prevents swelling and is a great way to cool down and relax there tendons, especially after a long intense work out
It cools down their tendents and relaxes them.
Prevents swelling, and lameness.
Cooling the tendons and ligaments after vigorous work out reduces the possibility of swelling. A god walk after will help promote circulation in their legs too
Helps them cool down and it’s also great for their blood circulation if you walk them for a little after showering off. Also if there is any swelling it helps reduce swelling.
It is like icing a body part after working out! It reduces swelling and helps to decrease the chance of soreness.
When the horse is excersised the tendons expand with the heat and when you hose them down its helps bring them back to normal 😊
It returns the tendons to a cooler temperature faster, and reduces the chance that injury or if an injury occurred, lessens the impact
Thank you Lisanne
It helps to make sure the quite sensitive tendons of your horse don’t get overheated. A lot of injures happen to the tendons specifically, so a cold shower is always beneficial to prevent this. Especially on hot days this is important 😊
Obrigado pela resposta Mariana.
além de fazer o efeito frio de um gel de tendões ou algum produto artificial, a pressão da mangueira também consegue um efeito género massagem... bom para depois do trabalho para estimular a circulação e os músculos cansados
It reduces swellings below the knee and could prevent complications in the future
Rapid cooling has been shown to not cause shock in a horse, and it's perfectly fine to cold hose a hot horse. In fact, the best way to cool down a sweating horse is the "water on, water off" method where you drench the horse, scrape the now warm water off, drench again, and repeat until cooled.

Cold hosing the legs after a particularly intense exercise, or work on hard ground is great. It reduces inflammation caused by concussive forces and leads to reduces incidences of break down. Be sure to walk your horse a bit afterward to allow the legs to start circulating the blood through again, getting rid of any build ups that can occur. I wouldn't really bother much though if it's not been an intense workout.
Try using ice boots. Most comply used on thoroughbreds because their legs get hot and can get injured.
I think they are great. Just don’t shock your horses system . Make sure to cool down first.
I think it’s very important especially after a hard workout. Helps maintaining the legs, removes swelling and stocking up. Also after cooling their legs you can put wraps (standing/quick) on to increase bloodflow which helps even further in maintaining their legs in good condition
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