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What do you think of the supplement Folacin Red ?

What do you think of the supplement Folacin Red ?
Well I recommend msm to any horse. No specific brand but I do use a pelleted formula. I also use reach joint supplement that I use on two older horses and they seem to love it. Glucosamine is something some people use for joint but it gets really pricy. For coat and more less feet, I recommend farriers formula for a few months then after a good amount of new growth, switch over to a biotin to continue the growth and help out more with the coat. I’ve found it’s better not to do only a single supplement because usually they are over priced and not enough of each essential is included. Sorry I rambled but it’s what halped me😂👍🏻
Yes I’ve been looking for a good allrounder one for joints guy and coat health, he’s a new horse so I want to best for him :))
That’s probably why they like it so much. Have you been looking for a new supplement in your horses diet?
Ohh yes ok, I work at a dressage barn
It’s called Boneo Park
Do you work at a race barn or a breeding barn?
Oh ok. Probably a lot of vitamins and minerals which is good but probably some additives that are not directed for an everyday (not mothers or fillies
Oh yes just found it, it says for yearlings for growth and milk production 😬😬
Just a lot of people at my work use it and swear by it so I was seeing what other thought of it :))
Hmmm. Dose it describe its use or reason for use. Why are you interested in it?
Not sure what is in it but the description said it’s a stud formula so for broodmared and stallions
Haven’t heard of it. What is in it?