If a horse has been a jumper for all its life, can you change to low level dressage for the horses sake?

Yes absolutely! My horse jumped to 130 and only changed to dressage at 11. He is now at FEI small tour at 14 and loves it.
Of course
Yes you can!
Hi Leah
Of course you can! But you will have to be patient as it’s a whole other thing for the horse to learn as if you get frustrated while teaching it the horse will be more resilient to learning it and do t just teach it everyday of the week or the horse will become sour so swap it up some days hack out other lunge him some days jump just switch it up as if your were doing the exact same thing everyday you would’ve t then want to do it 😊
Hope this helps
Definitely! It might take some time for the horse to understand it, but they also might be a natural and really understand it.
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