So my trainer and I don't get along very well. He shouts at me if I don't do what he asks right away which I try and isn't very understanding. Should I get a new trainer?

First try to talk with him about the problem. If that doesn't solve it, get a new one. Don't waste your money on someone who doesn't deserve it.
Totally!!! You need to get along with your trainer to enjoy riding more✨
Life’s too short. Move. U might have fun!!
Totally. He has to be firm and take no shit but in a nice fair way. If u are being put down, why would u pay him? Listen to him? Respect him? Time to move on
I think if he is rude and doesn’t let you ask questions or you do something right and he yells at you for doing that then yes
You’ll learn a lot more if you’re comfortable with your trainer, so I’d suggest get a new one :)
If you’re not learning or having fun anymore I definitely think it’s time to move, it’s important to have a trainer who you feel comfortable with and can talk to about your horse and riding
When I try to explain why I did something or have questions, he doesn't listen either. There is another barn with better facilities and a lot more options for me that I could potentially move to. My relationship with the barn manager isn't the greatest either. I'm actually thinking of moving my barn to this one. Please help me! I need advice!
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