Does anyone have some tips on how to get confidence back when riding ? I fell off at the weekend and it was quite a bad fall, now anytime I get on I freak out ☹️

As said above, take it slow! Falling off is scary, I couldn’t agree more, but at the end of the day it’s all part of the learning process! Take things at your own pace, work on building your confidence back up - even if you keep it at a walk for the first ride. Work at whatever pace makes you feel the most comfortable and then slowly build it up :)
Also ground yourself when you first get on your horse. Take a moment to breath and sink into your horse, relaxing the body.
Ground yourself before getting on. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and feel as if you are sinking into the ground and let your body relax. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
Take it slow, you've already done the hardest part which is getting back on the horse at all. Just do what you're comfortable with and take it slow for awhile
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