How do you calm show nerves for both the rider and the horse?

Always helps to arrive early before your class starts... Tack up and do some flat work 10/15 mins, kills the nerves to ride even before you walk the track
Do you know why your horse has anxiety? If it’s change of scenery the only way you could change that is through showing more or clinics and try to make it a positive experience for your horse and yourself but this will only come with time, If is not that then you should contact a holistic vet , I have one I use and she has sorted out my horses anxiety will different food supplements etc..
I always take my horse on a walk around the property and that really helps both of us.
Hey Madeline. I think the most important thing is taking a deep breath and getting as much show experience as possible even if that is just watching! Also try and take time to focus on your course nothing else!
Hope this helps!!
Walking around helped me when I first started showing also showing more helps calm nerves
If you close your eyes and think about relaxing your self that seems to help...!
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