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Is it true that the color of a horse determines how they behave ?

Is it true that the color of a horse determines how they behave ?
Um it also depends on the horses past life and age xx
That's what everyone says.. but my OTTB chestnut mare was lovely and had a little spicy mare attitude that all mares have. I don't think the chestnut made her any different than other mares...
I think the only way in which for example chestnut horses are gonna be different from other horses is if you have one breeding line which starts specifically with a crazy chestnut. 😁In that way they would give their personality & genes to the new horses in that bloodline and it would look like the color is the determining factor when you see them around other horses, while it’s actually the genes. 🤔 🤓
No. I've ridden all sort of breeds and coat colours and there has never been a pattern. Never ever. What Sydney Surie says is not true either. I'm buying a chestnut gelding and he is super sweet. I used to have a connemara bay gelding and he was a sweetheart as well. Any colour is good, really. If you're looking for a nice, gentle, intelligent horse, your only way of telling is to go meet them and be around them for a while.
Absolutely not. It's a myth. It's more of a personal preference and superstition. For example, I own a Chestnut thoroughbred mare. She's very quiet and has a great work ethic. Well mannered. She came straight off the track with no other training.

I have met Greys and bays that are plain out nasty.
Do not ever buy a chestnut mare tho especially Arab or TB
Say if you have 4 warm bloods 2 mares and 2 gelding 1 mare is chestnut and the other is bay. One gelding is chestnut and the other gelding is bay. If you ride all of them you will find that the chestnut horses will be a little more disrespectful than the bays no matter what gender.
Colour is a part of it
No it’s a mix of breed and gender in my experience
Personally, no. I've had experience with all sorts of colours & would say its more breed than colour that affects them.