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Do you stretch or massage your horses sometimes? At which frequency and how?

Do you stretch or massage your horses sometimes? At which frequency and how?
I do butt tucks, leg stretches and carrot stretches every monday and thursday.
Sometimes, I pull his front legs in front of him to stretch out while being careful not to pull the muscle
We have someone who comes by to massage horses you just have to make an appointment and she is amazing and the horses love it! She uses different ways I’m not sure what they are all called but my horse is relaxed and happy to work within the next day!
I stretch my horse after each workout session. She gets a message once a month. But she is a mare...

I don’t know about geldings.
I stretch my pony everyday before and after rides. He gets a massage one every month
After each ride I do carrot stretches and my horses masseuse ( who I get every few months) gave me leg stretches to stretch out her shoulder and knee.
I groom my pony before and after every ride, (rubber curry x2, hard dandy, soft dandy), but i've never paid someone to massage him. I also do carrot stretches and stretch the limbs by hand. Evention Tv on youtube has a good stretching video which is basically what I do with my pony.
I stretch my horse after I ride to loosen up his muscles with a carrot or some treats
Massage every 8 weeks. Stretch before riding
I Stretch my horses legs before every ride. With the front legs you ask your horse to lift it up and then you bring it forward and up a bit. With the back legs I just lift them up and put them back down.
I have to, try carrot stretch or pull up pull down
My mare has some minor arthritis, so I stretch her before each ride
I stretch her legs before every ride
I do it before every ride :-)
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I do it 2 times a week, after jumping practice and competitions, it is great, because the muscles get super relaxed
I stretch and massage my horse all of the time!!!!! I just started a couple of months ago, but I like to do it before I ride in he wintertime to get her muscles working and moving, I also will do it in the summer, I think anytime is fine! Also I just stretch her legs and neck and head and push on certain points on her body. Hope this helped!
I always stretch his front legs before riding. I sometimes stretch his neck or massage him. He seems to enjoy it :)
My old Galloway Sam, if I didn’t massage him before every ride he would be soooo naughty and he would buck and pig root and take off and shy at nothing just to get me off because he wanted a massage
I have horse massage books, I’ve given him a few massages before, and I find they really help
I do carrot stretches before every ride stretching his nose to the back of his bum. He also gets vibration therapy roughly every 6 weeks :) or if I think he’s sore I get it done straight away
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