Do you know about the Antares new pair of reins ? What do you think about it ?

could be good for teaching kids so they spare the mouth. I think the demographic is a schooling barn with lots of kids learning to jump
Useless for jumpers or high performance equestrians so i am surprised antares is trying this. If you have educated hands you need to sometimes make sharp corrections especially as a jumper.

For beginners, these might be a slippery slope in the sense that you would not need to learn to have steady hands and you would never be aware of the effect your uneducated hands have on the horse once theyre gone.

On a third note, antares isnt cheap so probably not in a beginners budget.

Will be curious to see what demographic of riders this attracts as I am not sure.
Personally, I don't see the use of it, for my horse I mean. Maybe it depends on the horse, the discipline, the rider,... But I would be curious to see if some of you have any experience with the reins !
Hello David, you are talking about the Soft'Reins ? If so, I find it really interesting for riders who don't have a really good hand, or who have abrupt actions !
This video of presentation is really great for the ones who don't know about it :
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